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Support Ravi's Dream!

Back in 2020 Ravi and his little sister Maya modelled for us in what are still some of our most favourite hello DODO photos ❤️ A year later, at age 6, Ravi’s dreams were interrupted by the news that he had a benign tumour on his brain stem. Despite 10 hours of surgery, doctors were not able to remove the whole tumour and Ravi lives with its effects every day.

In the time since then Ravi (and his INCREDIBLE family) have tirelessly raised awareness about brain tumours, fundraised and even released an incredible charity music video with all funds going to The Brain Tumour Charity and brainstrust.

NOW Ravi's Dream Team have WOWED the Britain's Got Talent judges and the public with their incredible performance of A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman! We have created this Ravi's Dream Team merch for them - all lovingly handprinted by us - with 50% off all profits going to the Ravi's Dream fundraiser for The Brain Tumour Charity and brainstrust. We have also included two of our own designs which link us to Ravi (see listings for more about that!) - Keep on Raven and Chase Your Dreams - both of these will have 50% of profits going to Ravi's Dream for the duration of Britain's Got Talent too!

Find out more about Ravi's Dream here: